Key Information about Synthetic Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are ultimately popular drugs that have the chemical structure similar to testosterone. However, synthetic forms of testosterone are characterized by a slightly modified chemical structure that gives them innovative features and powerful effects. The primary peculiarity of such steroids is overwhelming anabolic effects, if compared to androgenic ones. The drugs are rather fast acting and available in various forms and types to suit the needs and requirements of athletes and bodybuilders.

Common Features and Traits of Steroids

Information about Anabolic SteroidsIf you take into account conceptual peculiarities of anabolic steroids, it is inevitable to note their toxic structure. Promoting a drastic impact on liver functioning, the drug further impairs heart operation and other important body organs. However, irrespective of a great range of anabolic steroids that bear potential risk to the liver and other body functions, such drugs as Primobolan, Avanar, Dianabol, Halotestin and others are likely to promote a completely safe impact, unless a person is predisposed to complications. Generally, the positive impact of Testosterone-derived steroids has been clinically proven. The drugs help treat certain medical conditions, as well as advance performance, improve physique, enhance endurance, strength and power. Additionally, some representatives of the group can promote a considerable recovery speeding feature. On the other hand, due to the ultimately hepatic nature of steroids, they should be administered with exceptional caution.

Types of Testosterone-Derived Anabolic Steroids

Traits of SteroidsStriving to start anabolic steroid course and achieve tremendous results, a user should consult a doctor first. Inform a qualified medical specialist with the purpose of steroid use, health illnesses and disorders you have, as well as the treatments you use. Then, your healthcare provider will determine the anabolic steroid type and dose best corresponding to your overall health state. Generally, there are a few classifications of anabolic steroids, according to:

  • Form. While anabolic steroids are represented by various types, they are available in numerous forms, including injectable (Dynabolan, Equipoise, Masteron), oral (Dianabol, Primobolan, Proviron) and transdermal (Androgel, Androderm);
  • Purpose. Some anabolic steroids are used to treat certain medical conditions (Androderm, Andriol), while others serve the part of performance enhancement plan (Anadur, Dianabol, Fina). Some steroids can be administered for both therapeutic and athletic aims (Anavar).

This is definitely the simplest classification, as there are 32 common types of anabolic steroids. Apart from the aim of steroid use and its form, they can differ based on the ester it has attached, peculiar administration recommendations and others.

How to Select Proper Steroid Meeting the Requirements and Desirable Effects

Decide on the aim of the anabolic steroid, learn characteristics of the drugs you consider, consult your healthcare provider and start the course. You need to consider safety levels of the drugs, recommended forms and other peculiarities to get maximal benefit from the cycle. Administer the steroid as determined by your medical specialist to achieve flawless results without negative health impacts.

Possible Misuse Reactions and Severe Consequences of the Drug Intake

Types of Anabolic SteroidsDespite a wide variety of anabolic steroids, their unique features and exclusive properties, all of them can trigger similar side effects. It is not obligatory to misuse the drug to witness complications. A considerable part of athletes, bodybuilders and ordinary people using steroids experience abnormalities, promoted by individual predisposition. Additionally, certain medical conditions can impair the cycle, as well as the pharmaceuticals used. All the possible negative reactions of synthetic anabolic steroids can be divided into several major groups, such as:

  • Hepatotoxic;
  • Testosterone;
  • Androgenic;
  • Estrogenic;
  • Cardiovascular.

However, another important peculiarity of conditions like acne, increased cholesterol level, advanced blood pressure, baldness, excess body hair growth and others is simple management. Contact your doctor before the beginning of the cycle, and he/she will prescribe you a supplementary medication to avoid these disorders.